Shared Psychosis.

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you should enter this :)

c: oh yissssssss so going anyways

i’m sorry.. but this got into artexpress? ?!

in all seriousness though it doesn’t look that bad..? but then im not the art student so I wouldn’t know :L
btw LOL the comments. “these are incredible.. so much ‘feeling’ in them”

Contemporary art

OMG im loving this site <3

Deep Inside Baz Luhrmann’s Creative Chaos

rmb Moulin Rouge? :L

W: creepy but I watched moulin rouge again yesterday

C: Holy whattttttttttttttttttttt I swear I wasn’t stalking you (I double-swear)

just… ask bianca what happened.



I….. just got metaphorically slapped in the face

w: you sure not physically? haha kidding. did your alpha maleness get the better of you? :P

byyyy the way b wants to know how the cake is going? any updates?

c: I’m thinking Michel’s Patisserie. The double letter one? We can have “QB”, the largest size serves 70.

c: aaaand I’m booted from organising cake for her bday. she’s probably.. really pissed.

W: oh nooo she’s ‘finnnnne’ 😉 From b: if he wants to know, B’s already got the cake design, sent it off to a baker and enquired for a quote. she also called today and they’ve given a standard price. everything’s done 😊 no need to worry

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman :(

Not sure if you know who he is.. but it’s a tragedy that he died so young nonetheless

w: yeh i heard about that - drug overdoes right?

c: yes. such a tragedy considering who he is and who he could’ve been :(

dDid you read about Dylan farrow?

C: oh yes. haunting, but we don’t know which side’s telling the truth yet so I try not to judge.. :L

W: yeh I suppose so, do you think it should impact the oscar nomination though? Or should the two be considered separately

C: Look at Roman Polanski.. LOL

w: yeh i know about him haha

c: so.. yeah. no one gives a fuck if you’re a child rapist or a druggie.. as long as you are profitable

w: lol always the optimist

c: I’m not sure if that’s a particularly happy fact.. LOL

W: sarcasm 👍